🍦 753 miles til Bermuda ⛵️

Maryland Walk of Fame, USNA SEALs the deal, Scythian at Rams Head


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In today’s Naptown Scoop:

  • Maryland Walk of Fame

  • USNA SEALs the deal

  • Scythian at Rams Head On Stage

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— Lauren Burke Meyer, Dylan Roche, & Ryan Sneddon

P.S. Happy birthday, John Belcher, and early birthday, June S! 🎂

P.P.S. You’ll be seeing a lot about the Maryland Cures Cancer Regatta in the next few Scoops. Not just because it’s a fantastic organization, but because we dropped the ball on our sponsorship and should have been promoting it for the entire last month. You can learn more in the Extra Sprinkles section.


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Major Stories of the Week

Vacation mode? Not in Naptown — at least, not yet. Summer is getting closer, but there’s still a lot happening around the community. Here are some of the stories that caught your attention this week:

🏬 We got details on Beacon Square, the 12-acre development on Riva Road that’s soon to be home to a grocery store, retail space, and apartments.

🏈 The AAC announced Navy’s fall football schedule. It includes five home games, the first being August 31 against Bucknell.

🍕 Pizza is always a major story, and we just got word that DC-based Timber Pizza Co. is opening a West Street location later this summer.

Top clicks of the week 🏆

⭐️ Maryland Walk of Fame ⭐️

Quick — name a famous Marylander! We’re sure you know a few off the top of your head. This fall, you’ll start seeing their names on the soon-to-be-created Maryland Walk of Fame downtown (location isn’t set yet but you’ll know when we know!) This walkway will feature the names of musicians, artists, authors, and other celebrities who hail from our Old Line State.

Who is being honored with the first star? That would be Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, and actress Toni Braxton! Learn more about the Walk of Fame.

USNA SEALs the deal ⚓️

Captain Walter H. Allman III is the new commandant of midshipmen (similar to a civilian college dean) at the Naval Academy. And he’s the first Navy SEAL to hold the role. Captain Allman most recently served as the director of Targeting and the Fires and Effects Center for the U.S. Pacific Fleet. He’s taking over from Colonel James “JP” McDonough III, who’s retiring after 30 years in the Marine Corps. Allman is now in charge of the training and professional development of USNA’s midshipmen — all 4,400 of them including his own son! Welcome back to Naptown, Captain Allman. ($)

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Have you seen this boat?

Photo: Lee Snead

That’s Darling. Gorgeous, right? She’s a lovingly restored, American-made 1973 Wasque (Way-squee). And she’s available for charter right here in Annapolis any day of the week!

Darling has space for 6 guests and every charter comes with a U.S. Coast Guard Captain. Cashmere blankets, a signature charcuterie board, and a host of elegant details await every guest.

Captain Alexandra has curated three turnkey experiences based on her most popular cruises. But, she’s also happy to create bespoke experiences like proposals, weddings (departures, arrivals, even elopements), corporate events, and more.


On your marks. Get set. Bermuda! ⛵️

There’s a “friendly” sailing competition setting sail today (June 7). The Mustang Survival Annapolis to Bermuda Ocean Race, aka A2B, happens every 2 years when daring sailors race down the Chesapeake Bay, across the Atlantic Ocean, all the way to the pink sands of Bermuda. How far is that, you ask? 753 miles – one of the longest races on the East Coast. This year’s race features 18 sailboats (including the 156’ Pride of Baltimore II).

Before the 1:30 PM race start, you can watch a boat parade motoring around the mooring field off City Dock. Keep an eye out for the bagpiper on the lead boat; our guess is they’ll be hard to miss. The public can see the boats parade their colors from 11:00 AM to noon. After the parade, boats will head to the mouth of the Severn River to begin the race. Come show hometown spirit and wish them all fair winds! 💨

Irish Fan favorites Scythian at Rams Head On Stage 🇮🇪 

Scythian fans – there are still a few tickets left for their show tonight at Rams Head On Stage. The Celtic-inspired foursome has gained quite a following in Annapolis for their rousing performances. Get tickets here. Doors open at 7 PM, the show’s at 8 PM.

Fun fact: Scythian is pronounced sith-ee-yin and refers to Ukrainian warrior nomads.

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⚖️ City Council meeting

On the agenda for Monday’s City Council meeting:

  • Fund transfers - $50,000 and higher

  • Annual towing licenses

  • See full agenda

The meeting is at 7 PM in City Council Chambers. The public is welcome to attend. Click here to submit testimony or watch online — 160 Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis, MD

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Pollen is so last season

Finally. The pollen’s gone and so are itchy eyes and uncontrollable sneezing. But, some homes and cars are still rocking the yellow. Blue Heron Property Services can’t help with your car, but when it comes to your home, there’s no one better. Their special Soft Wash cleaning method has refreshed hundreds of homes in Annapolis. Still got pollen? Call Blue Heron for a free estimate today.

Your only chance to see these gardens

Unless you know every downtown Annapolis homeowner, it's impossible to know what's behind every gate and down every alley. Spoiler alert: Spectacular gardens! The Hammond-Harwood House Secret Garden Tour gives you access to a variety of beautiful gardens. Want the unique chance to peek behind these walls, get tickets today. The self-guided tour runs from 12–5 PM June 8-9.*

Maryland Cures Cancer Regatta: Everything You Need to Know

The first race of Annapolis’ famous Triple Crown of Charity Sailing is next weekend (6/15). But it’s not too late to race. Enter your boat by June 13 for some wonderful racing. After the race, anyone is welcome at Eastport Yacht Club for the Rock the Dock afterparty featuring the Eastport Oyster Boys. You can even get a head start on the auction! Register, get party tickets, or start bidding right here.*

*indicates sponsored advertising content.



84 🌡️ 64 | 🌤️ | 4% | 💨 W 13 mph (11 knots)


81 🌡️ 68 | 🌥️ | 2% | 💨 WNW 13 mph (11 knots)


80 🌡️ 67 | ⛅ | 21% | 💨 W 13 mph (11 knots)

💧🌡️ Water temperature = 75ºF
Temperature readings taken from the mouth of the Severn River the night before publication



49 West | Tom Mitchell | 8–10:30 PM
Annapolis Town Center Summer Concert |  Got Yacht? | 6–8 PM
Blackwall Hitch | Dana B | 4–7 PM
Blackwall Hitch | Mike Henry Tribe | 9 PM
Brian Boru | Loose Cannons | 7–10 PM
The Choptank | Shelby Blondell | 8 PM
Coconut Joe's | Brandon & Thordis | 5–8 PM
Coconut Joe's | Facedown | 9 PM
Great Frogs | Alexander Peters | 4:30–7:30 PM
Killarney House | Jeremy Gilless | 8–11 PM
Libbey’s Coastal Kitchen | Uncle Ward | 4–7 PM
Market Space | Scott Steers | 6–9 PM
Middleton Tavern | Noelle & Jeff Band | 10 PM
Mother's Peninsula Grille | The Shatners | 8–11 PM
Pirates Cove | Mike Tony Scoglio | 7–10 PM
Rams Head On Stage | Scythian | 8 PM | Tickets
Rams Head Roadhouse | Mike Miller | 8 PM
Rams Head Tavern | Jack Rimel | 5 PM
Rams Head Tavern | Shawn Owens | 10 PM
Reynolds Tavern | TBA | 7 PM
Romilo’s Restaurant and Bar | Shift Work | 7 PM
Severna Park Taphouse | Poppy Blue Eyes | 6 PM
Stan & Joe’s Saloon | Ryan Keith Band | 9:45 PM
Vibe | Rick & The Revolving Doors & ONO | 8 PM


49 West | Skribe | 8:30–111 PM
Blackwall Hitch | Life After Dinosaurs  | 8 PM
Bread & Butter Kitchen | Michael K | 10 AM–1 PM
Brian Boru | Lauren and Rusty | 7–10 PM
The Choptank | Hunter Rich | 8 PM
Coconut Joe's | Mark Desrochers | 2–5 PM
Coconut Joe's | Swarm of Bees | 9 PM
Dark Horse | Blair Ritch Project | 9 PM
Dinner Under The Stars | Bayside Big Band | 6–9 PM
Great Frogs | Tim Atkinson | 1–4 PM
Killarney House | Alex Peters | 8–11 PM
Market Space | John Bailey | TBA
Middleton Tavern | Moran Tripp | 10 PM
Mother's Peninsula Grille | Local Souls | 8–11 PM
Pirates Cove | Hyland Brothers | 3–6 PM
Pirates Cove | Doug Segree | 7–10 PM
Ram's Head Shorehouse | Bird Daddy Project | 8–11 PM
Rams Head Roadhouse | Meerkat Nation | 9 PM
Rams Head Tavern | Tavair Dominque | 10 PM
Romilo’s Restaurant and Bar | Return to Eden | 7 PM
Stan & Joe’s Riverside | Brendan Lane  | TBA
Stan & Joe’s Saloon | Mike McHenry Tribe | 9:45 PM
Watermark Annapolis Sunset Cruise | Rick & The Revolving Doors | 7:30–9 PM | Tickets


Bread & Butter Kitchen | Combo Indigo | 10 AM–1 PM
Galway Bay | O'McPub Band | 4–8 PM
Great Frogs |  Kristi Allen | 1–4 PM
Market House | Casey McCornel | 6–8 PM
Market Space | Blue Sea Revival | 2–6 PM
Mother's Peninsula Grille | Shawn Musselman | 12–3 PM
Old Stein Inn | TBA | 8–11 PM
Pirates Cove | Trinidad & Tobago Baltimore Steel Drum Duo | 2–5 PM
Pirates Cove | Joey Fitz | 6–9 PM
Rams Head On Stage | Pete Evick, Chad Stewart & Dean Cramer  | 7:30 PM | Tickets
Stan & Joe’s Riverside | Ryan Keith | TBA
Stan & Joe’s Saloon | Steve and V | 8 PM


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