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Dinner Under the Stars, Zachary's Mother's Day Contest Winners, Play Street Museum ribbon cutting...

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Good morning, Annapolis. Apparently Nicolas Cage is playing Spiderman Noir in a live-action series for Amazon. Is nothing sacred anymore?

In today’s Naptown Scoop:

  • Dinner Under the Stars

  • Zachary’s Mother’s Day Contest Winners

  • Play Street Museum ribbon cutting

Let’s get to it.

— Lauren Burke Meyer, Dylan Roche, & Ryan Sneddon

1 Week Countdown: Blue Angels

You’re from Annapolis, so you know these things to be true: Old Bay goes on everything (and I mean everything), Sperrys always fit the dress code, and the Blue Angels airshow should be a national holiday. If you haven’t already told your kid’s school about their made-up doctor’s appointment, now’s the time.

Scoop publisher Ryan watching the Blue Angels circa 2014

It’s also time to start making other plans — where to watch, where you’ll park, and what happens if the weather’s bad.

🗓 Worth noting: There are kinda/sorta 2 days of Blue Angels. Tuesday is technically rehearsal day and Wednesday is the real deal. But both are equally impressive and worth watching. Both start at 2 PM on their respective days and last 1–2 hours.

🌤⛅️ As far as weather: Sure, we all want a bright bright sunshiny day because we can see clearly that way. But sadly, weather does affect which stunts the Blue Angels can perform. If there are low clouds, they can’t do all their tricks but they can still fly. But on those perfect days when there’s not a cloud in the sky and you can see for miles, count on the best airshow you’ll ever see.

🚤 Where to watch: Our favorite way to watch is by boat, but there are specific places you can’t anchor. So be sure to get where you’re going well before showtime. In past years, the restricted zones have closed to boats at 9:30 AM. Anywhere outside the restricted zones with a clear view of the sky over Annapolis Harbor is a good spot to anchor. Follow the Coast Guard’s instructions once you’re out there and you’ll be in good shape.

If you don’t have a boat, great places include Manresa, South Annapolis Yacht Centre, the Naval Academy grounds, the World War II Memorial, or City Dock. If you can get an outside seat at Pusser’s or Choptank (especially on the second floor), you’ll have a great view and all the snacks you want.

📝 One final note: Blue Angels is always a great op for pics, and we want to see yours! Be sure to tag @NaptownScoop on Instagram so we don’t miss them.

Whoa. . . 

That was my honest reaction when I first saw this home. It doesn’t even look real. But it is. And I’m going to tell you about it.

The architectural masterpiece sits on a private 2-acre parcel in Davidsonville. And its many large windows aren’t just stunning, they’re functional – allowing in a tremendous amount of natural light.

Inside is just as breathtaking. With its sleek lines and classic color palette, it’s elegant, comfortable, and practical at the same time. Five bedrooms and five bathrooms spread across almost 6,000 square feet. And the usual features (gourmet kitchen, high-ceiling living room, etc.) are accompanied by some spectacular accouterments – a huge wet bar and sitting area, full–scale home office, and a game room.

Outside, your backyard is serene. A shaded deck overlooks the expansive saltwater pool and fountains and there’s not another house in sight. Home sweet home.


Want to watch the Herndon Climb but can’t get off work?

By the time you read this, it may be too late to get to the Herndon Climb by 8 AM. But that doesn’t mean you can’t watch. USNA streams this popular Annapolis tradition on YouTube, so you can watch from the comfort of bed if you want to. Or y’know, at work, if that’s what you gotta do.

🤔 What’s the Herndon Climb? It’s when hundreds of Naval Academy freshmen (AKA plebes) hurl themselves at a 21-foot granite monument covered with 200 pounds of lard to replace the plebe hat on top with an upperclassman’s cover. Once they do, they’re no longer considered plebes.

Zachary’s Jewelers Mother’s Day Contest Winners 💎

Here at Naptown Scoop, we applaud overachievers. And that’s exactly what we’re doing for the talented winners of the 13th annual Zachary’s Jeweler’s Mother’s Day Contest. We’re totally obsessed with the gorgeous jewelry these fifth graders designed. Out of 180 entries, Zachary’s picked these three to bring their designs to life.

👏 Sloane DeCosmo of Oak Hill Elementary School
👏 Hannah Respet of Windsor Farms Elementary School
👏 Gracen McGrath of St. Mary’s Elementary School

A custom piece of jewelry for Mom wasn’t the only prize. The art teachers at the winning schools received $500 each for art supplies. 🎨

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📸 @treeolowphoto | 📍Naval Academy Chapel

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Grand Opening of Play Street Museum 🛝

You may remember a Scoop story about the Play Street Museum back in January. Well, it’s been open for a bit but they’re having a grand opening this Thursday (5/16) at 9:30 AM. Besides the usual ribbon cutting, you can meet the owner Dr. Nicky Donnal, who’s also a pediatrician at Annapolis Pediatrics🩺 I personally can vouch that this place is super fun for kids. 560 Ritchie Highway Suite F, Severna Park, MD 21146. —LBM

Photos: Lauren Burke Meyer

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Meet the Friendly Docs of Western Shore Veterinary Hospital

Hello! We’re the friendly doctors at Western Shore Veterinary Hospital. Nice to meet you.

I’m Marianne Bailey. I own the place along with Queenstown Veterinary Hospital. You’ll find me bouncing between both during the week and driving all over MD for lacrosse games on the weekend.

And I’m Colleen McCafferty. I was born in the Galapagos Islands. One upon a time I nursed a sick dolphin back to health and knew I’d found my porpoise. JK. I was born in Virginia but I did have an internship rehabilitating exotic sea creatures.

And I’m Stephanie. I’m a 14-year veterinary medicine veteran and fascinated by integrative pet medicine. That’s why I also studied veterinary acupuncture at Chi University!

We love making sick animals healthy and happy. Come see us at 910 C Bestgate Road, Annapolis, MD 21401.


ICYMI: The best excuse you’ll have to eat ice cream all week

If you need an excuse to eat ice cream today (and who doesn’t?), you can’t do better than this: supporting a good cause. The Scoop is teaming up with Always Ice Cream Company to raise money for Annapolis Hope, a community fundraiser benefitting the family of the late Nick Mireles. Today, Always Ice Cream is donating 20% of sales from their West Annapolis and Main Street stores to Annapolis Hope.

Want your ice cream scooped by the Scoop? Scoop publisher Ryan will be at the Main Street location 2:30–3:30 PM and West Annapolis 5:30–7:30 PM.

  • West Annapolis: 116 Annapolis Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

  • Annapolis: 196 Main Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

Dinner Under the Stars is back this weekend✨ 🍽️

There’s something so magical about Dinner Under the Stars. Maybe it’s the twinkle lights and live music. Or maybe it’s the novelty of dining and dancing where cars usually rule the road. Whatever your favorite part, it’s back this Saturday night. Then it runs Saturdays and Wednesdays from 6–10 PM through September 28. Participating restaurants:

(*they take reservations)

Pro Tip: Gott’s Court (45 Calvert Street) is the closest parking garage. More parking tips here.

Annapolis Blues Community Shield ⚽

It’s been 305 days since the Annapolis Blues played at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. That was the glorious (and rainy) day we won the conference championship in penalty kicks btw. But tonight at 7 PM, that countdown resets to zero. The Blues are facing Maryland Bobcats FC in their pre-season Community Shield game. Proceeds support 4 local organizations: Warrior Events, Every Child 365, Walk the Walk Foundation, and the Anne Arundel County Food Bank. Kids tickets (under 12) are $10. Adult tickets are $12. Grab them online here.

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⚖️ Board of Education meeting

On the agenda for today’s Board of Education meeting:

  • Vote on strategic plan

  • Virtual learning plan for prolonged state of emergency

  • See full agenda

Use this hub to submit testimony or watch online. The meeting is at 10 AM (5/15) at the Parham Building — 2644 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD 21401. You can attend in-person or watch online.

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Home Sweet Secure Home

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Did you know?

Tomorrow is International Family Day – a special day to honor and appreciate the love and support families bring to our lives. And what better way to spend it than exploring Annapolis and the Bay’s heritage? Core memories await! Visit the Annapolis Maritime Museum in Eastport or the museum’s Park Campus across Back Creek to make yours tomorrow!*

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64 🌡️ 61 | 🌧️ | 89% | 💨 ENE 12 mph (10 knots)


69 🌡️ 61 | 🌧️ | 30% | 💨 NNE 14 mph (12 knots)

💧🌡️ Water temperature = 65ºF
Temperature readings taken from the mouth of the Severn River the night before publication


49 West | Dave Chappell and Friends | 5–7 PM
Brian Boru | Larry Lay | 6–9 PM
Galway Bay | Irish Trad Music Session | 8 PM
Killarney House | Jason Bishop | 6–10 PM
Middleton Tavern | Michael Waskey | 6–9 PM
Mother's Peninsula Grille | Aaron Hawkins | 7–10 PM
Pirates Cove | Tavair Dominque | 6–9 PM
The Point | Jordan | 5–8 PM
Rams Head On Stage | BoDeans | 7:30 PM | Tickets
Reynolds Tavern | b.en | 7 PM
Stan & Joe’s Saloon | Keith & Coster | 9 PM


Brian Boru | Aaron Hawkins | 6:30–9:30 PM
Killarney House | Doc Lohn | 6–9 PM
Metropolitan Rooftop | Kevin Pollock & Doghouse Blue | 6–9 PM
Mother's Peninsula Grille | Ebb & Nova | 7–10 PM
Pirates Cove | Jason Bishop | 6–10 PM
The Point | Bryan Ewald | 5–8 PM
Rams Head Tavern | Open Mic Night | 6 PM
Reynolds Tavern | TBA | 7 PM
Severna Park Taphouse | Madisun Bailey | 6 PM


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