🍦How’s Anne Arundel’s economy?

Happy Juneteenth, New EV Rapid charger, Forward Brewing's Boat, Sally IVth


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  • Happy Juneteenth! 🎶 🎉

  • EV Rapid Charger installed 🔌 

  • AA County Economic Report 📈 

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— Lauren Burke Meyer, Dylan Roche, & Ryan Sneddon

P.S. Happy early birthday, Kirstin Bernard! 🎂

Meet Royal Flush – Anne Arundel County’s finest portable restrooms

Hey everyone. Scoop Publisher Ryan here. So I bought some toilets on wheels. Kinda weird, right? I don’t think so. Here’s why.

First, it’s complementary to Naptown Scoop. I can use them for my own events, I can advertise (like I’m doing right now), and I can hire our readers (just like I do with Scoop).

Second, I attend many events through my work with Scoop so I saw a need. You might have seen Royal Flush at Paca Girlfriends last week.

And third, we’ve built an awesome team here at Scoop in the last year so Royal Flush won’t reduce the quality of the excellent emails you expect from us.

So if you need bathrooms for any event, check out Royal Flush. We promise fast quotes, stellar service, and the highest-quality bathroom experience around.

Annapolis Captain & Crew Win in Bermuda 🌴⛵

“It took us a total of 4 days, 4 hours, 48 minutes, and 51 seconds,” says Captain Tony Baca of his crew’s winning time in the 2024 Mustang Survival Annapolis to Bermuda Race (also known as the A2B). Annapolis-based Baca and his crew actually won 3 trophies: first place in the PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) class, the Youngest Sailor award (Jamie Taub – 16), and the Captain’s award for Outstanding Navigator (Baca).

The crew of 8 sailed a 53-ft Hallberg-Rassy called Second Storm. Fun fact: Before the A2B, the crew had never raced together. How did this team come about? They collaborated on LOOKINGGLASS which won Best Illumination in the 2023 Eastport Yacht Club Lights Parade. After the Lights Parade, they said, ‘What should we do next?’ and someone said, ‘Let’s do the Bermuda race.’” Baca admits bourbon may have been involved. 🥃


Happy Juneteenth! 🎶 🎉

Today is the day – happy Juneteenth! Juneteenth commemorates June 19, 1865 when Union troops arrived in Galveston, TX to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation. President Biden declared June 19 a federal holiday in 2021. Some ways to celebrate today:

  • Annapolis Rec & Parks Carr’s Beach Reunion: All are welcome at the free event from 3–7 PM today at the Annapolis Maritime Museum Park (7300 Edgewood Road, Annapolis, MD). Enjoy live music + food trucks!

    During the Jim Crow era of segregation, Carr’s, Elktonia, and Sparrows beaches were Annapolis resorts for African Americans and others prohibited from using “whites only” beaches. Annapolis radio station WANN began airing live concerts from Carr’s Beach with some of the biggest Black entertainers like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Ray Charles. Community members who visited Carr’s Beach during its heyday are encouraged to share their stories at the reunion.

  • Catch the Juneteenth Pop-up at Annapolis Town Center, running until June 29 with special exhibitions and activities!

FYI: City of Annapolis offices, The Pip Moyer Recreation Center, Stanton Center, and all AACPL branches are closed today. Refuse, recycling, and Annapolis Transit schedules won’t be affected. ($)

By the way: We’re not sending a Scoop tomorrow so our team can celebrate Juneteenth.

Keep calm and charge on 🚙

Annapolis is plugging into a greener future with the installation of a public EV rapid charger. It’s located in the parking lot behind Visit Annapolis and Anne Arundel County (VAAAC) headquarters. City officials and members of the VAAAC team unveiled the charger alongside BGE, which runs the charger through its EVsmart program. It can take an EV from empty to full battery in just a half hour. Watt a great addition to Annapolis! ($)

How’s Anne Arundel’s Economy? 📈 📉

The Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation released the first quarter’s Economic Indicators for 2024. In lieu of you reading the 9-page report (unless that’s your thing!), here’s a snapshot of Q1’s numbers and how they compare to Q1 2023.

  • Home Sales: 1,326 ⬇ 7.3%

  • Median Home Price: $466,548 ⬆️ 5.2%

  • Unemployment Rate: 2.43% ⬆️ 2.03%

  • BWI passengers: 5,817,615 ⬆️ 6.2%

  • Hotel Tax: $5,021,785 ⬆️ 27.7%

Stories with ($) require a third-party subscription.


Blue Skies for Miles

📸 @pov.txny | 📍City Dock

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Why I bought the best portable toilets money can buy

My friend, Sam, has a business podcast with hundreds of thousands of listeners. He’s done over 500 episodes and one of his favorite business models is, “something common, beautifully done.” That’s what I set out to do with Royal Flush.

So I bought the Cadillac of portable restrooms from JAG Mobile Solutions (hand-built in Howe, Indiana) and stocked them with Mrs. Meyer’s soap and lotion, soft toilet paper and towels, and an amenity tray rivaling a country club bathroom.

Royal Flush is portable restrooms, beautifully done. So if you need a bathroom for any reason, let us know. We’re happy to help.


Meet Forward Brewing’s charter boat, Sally IVth 🚤 🍻

Photo: Lee Snead

Beer and boating. Yes, please! Forward Brewing opened in Eastport during the pandemic with a take-out window, a parking lot, and a dream. Lifelong Annapolitan and Forward Brewery Co-owner Cam Bowdren is once again embracing his “Forward” mantra.

So he bought a workboat on Facebook Marketplace and turned it into a classic Annapolis experience: a charter boat. You can book 90-minute charters for up to six passengers. On board, you’ll enjoy Forward beer and “snackle boxes” while you cruise around Annapolis Harbor. Click here to book the boat!

Want to know about more ways to get out on the water without your own boat? We recently compiled 20+ options including kayaks, adaptive boating, parasailing, boat clubs, and more.

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The Countdown is On: Wrabyn’s Fundraiser 🛍️

Get ready to (s)hop to it. There’s less than one week until Wrabyn’s Annapolis Hope fundraiser. The upscale West Annapolis boutique is hosting a weeklong fundraiser from June 24–29. 10% of sales will go to Annapolis Hope’s mission to save the late Nick Mireles’ wife and 8 kids from eviction.

Bonus: There are 6 incredible prizes up for grabs, like a 1-month membership at Yoga Factory and a massage from Eternal Thai Massage; a sunset cruise on Forward Brewing’s new boat; fancy jewelry from Zachary’s Jewelers and Wrabyn; and more. See the full list of prizes including, the “Really Big Prize.” Tickets for the prize pool (excludes the “Really Big Prize”) are $25 each, 3 for $60, or 5 for $100. Add as many tickets to your cart as you want for those! For the Really Big Prize, we’re only selling 100 tickets ($50 each).

Nothing in this section is sponsored. They're just the things you need to know. I'll always let you know when something's sponsored.



85 🌡️ 70 | 🌤️ | 6% | 💨 SSE 11 mph (10 knots)


87 🌡️ 72 | ⛅ | 7% | 💨 SSE 10 mph (8 knots)


89 🌡️ 75 | 🌤️ | 5% | 💨 S 10 mph (8 knots)

💧🌡️ Water temperature = 79ºF
Temperature readings taken from the mouth of the Severn River the night before publication


Porta potties don’t belong at parties

Call me a snob but I stand by that. Porta potties at parties is like asking your friends to help you move and paying them in pizza and beer. Just don't. But if you don't want everyone traipsing through your house, the only option is Royal Flush restroom trailers. We exclusively use JAG Mobile Solutions trailers (the Cadillac of portable restrooms) and luxury amenities come standard with every rental. Visit royalflushtoilets.com for a lightning-fast quote.*



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